Women, What rules are you breaking?

by | Mar 4, 2015

Women in Architecture
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To hear women’s voices in innovative art and architecture you’ll have to block out the distractions. The truth is, since there are fewer women in the field, it’s harder to get noticed. The media might be more drawn to cover the flashy work of  their male colleagues. So to change that, the online  MISS  magazine is breaking the rules by rising above the fray and opening a new media space for women in all creative professions.

MISS, founded in 2013 at the Architectural Association in London,  gave all women creators a new forum for “a global platform that celebrates amazing women in the creative industry.”

The British based online magazine is hosting a show in SOHO, NYC beginning March 13 – 20. They say, “Let’s get the conversation started.” MISS SALON, our pop-up exhibition in New York, brings together talents to spark the conversation on how to be a female creative.”

To put this women’s professional invisibility into perspective, take a look at this info graphic from ArchDaily and ask yourself how many of these women starchitects enjoy the same name recognition as as Frank Lloyd Wright or Frank Ghery.

This month I’ll be doing my part to highlight some of the amazing women designers you never knew.