Tired Ol’ Bricks & Mortar Made New,

by | Jan 7, 2019

I’m welcoming 2019 with my newly published article in the Journal Wild Culture.  Artist Pitor Janowski’s works to reveal our physical world before gentrification makes it disappear.  He wraps large, familiar objects, such as trains and whole buildings, in foil to give it a noticeable and beautiful new skin.  His latest installation is a building located at the street address Ząbkowska 9 in Warsaw, Poland. Janowski’s foil wrapped installation is called “Take Off.” But the project took on a deeper dimension when Janowski formed an unlikely friendship with a homeless man who became his assistant. It’s my first post of my rebranded website, KylePierson.com. Hope you like it, it’s called Tired Ol’ Bricks & Mortar Made New.

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