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Foiled: public art intrigues travelers

Art reflects past to show the future In Dec. of 2016, artist Piotr Janowski created a mirage of shimmering awesomeness, a foil clad locomotive. Alas, it has faded into memory, just as this 1950s locomotive has.  But, if you missed it, here's a chronicle of his massive...

Exposing the Invisible Women of Architecture

Women architects have been sidelined from history  for too long.  Take Ida Annah Ryan, for instance. Does this name ring a bell? I didn't think it would. She was the first woman to graduate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the first American...

Getting lost in the Barbican, or creative strolling

  Recently my daughter was in London, so I asked her to go to an architectural landmark and take a selfie. I suggested the Gerkin.  As it happened she went to a play at the brutalist  Barbican.  She forgot to take the selfie, instead she called to complain that...

Postcards from Surreal Places

Last summer while I was traveling  in the Hudson Valley, NY and poking around in antique shops, I stumbled upon this 1986 tear-out book of postcards by Michael Langenstein.  The publisher's (Dover)  note explains that the postcards combine world famous masterpieces...

Breathable architecture for a sustainable future

Breathable architectural skin should be part of the conversation at the United Nations Climate Change Conference his week. This innovation looks exciting as part of the solution for reducing carbon emissions in the air. When I stumbled upon the term “breathable...

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